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Let’s introduce you to the best ways to uninstall the uTorrent app. Need for more permissions– If you try to uninstall uTorrent as a standard user, you might need the necessary permissions. Find out how to remove bloatware on Windows 10 by reading our dedicated article.

  • In short, when you download a file from a torrent site, you are likely being tracked, especially if it’s a popular movie or game.
  • Getting my money back was easy — all I had to do was click the “I wish to cancel my subscription” button on my account’s dashboard and confirm.
  • Active antivirus– it will help if any malicious file comes along with the torrent folder.
  • UTorrent includes a search engine in the menu bar at the top of its client, which you can configure for any search provider you want .

In 2015, the software was used to infect the users’ devices with a bitcoin mining software called Epic Scale that reduces the device efficiency and increases the load time. By stealing the CPU cycles, the mining software earns profit for the third parties when the targets download it on their device. Screenshot From YTSSometimes referred to as YTS , YIFY focuses more on movie torrents in its library. You might think that this may limit your selection, but YIFY makes up for it with its high quality torrents. This is a distinct feature among YIFY torrents, as many of the movies in its library come in significantly smaller file sizes compared to other torrent websites. As such, you need not worry about YIFY’s torrents taking up too much space in your storage.

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Yet, if you use it to torrent on risky networks or websites, you can potentially get infected by viruses. Tor is a free and open-source program that allows anonymous communication. And, at the set time in the future, it will automatically start to back up the selected files to the selected location. If you choose to back up to an external device, just keep the device connected to your computer.

They can also successfully pass through firewall gateways. Either way, scan your PC frequently with antivirus software. As of version 3.2.2, uTorrent also includes in-content ads described as “featured torrents”.

Is it safe to use uTorrent for sharing files?

However, some users have reported difficulty downloading magnet links to Deluge. This can be caused by a number of factors, including incorrect settings in Deluge or in the browser being used to download the links. Introduced in 2005, uTorrent is owned and maintained by BitTorrent. It is a proprietary and closed-source torrent client that is legal. But, it can be used for digital piracy, which makes it illegal.

It is a legitimate way that artists can use to spread their work. A 10 GB file can be seeded fully within minutes if you have the connection speed and the torrent is popular. Seeding refers to leaving a peers BitTorrent client open and available for additional individuals to download from. However, whether to seed or not, or how much to seed, depends on the availability of downloaders and the choice of the peer at the seeding end.

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